Tournament Details

Every team will need to pre register prior to the event. Please click the link at the bottom of the page to register your team! Every player will be given a ticket for a random prize drawing at the end of each event, so don’t leave once you are done!

All 3 man teams are $90 per team. (D4/D5/Open)

All 5 man teams are $150 per team. (D4/D5/)

Great Lakes Series Schedule

3-19-17 (Lone Wolf)

4-9-17 (Colors)

5-7-17 (Colors)

6-4-17 (Colors)

7-2-17 (Colors)

7-16-17 (Detroit Action)

8-6-17 (Colors)

8-20-17 (Detroit Action)

9-10-17 (Colors)

10-1-17 (Colors)

10-15-17 (Detroit Action)

10-29-17 (Colors)

Event Registration
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