XBall and Speedball

The XBall field is only available to use on Sunday’s when there is a practice being ran. Please contact us ahead of time to find out if we are running practice or not. It’s not available to the general public on a regular basis, as it takes a huge amount of work to setup and cleanup after. If you are interested in joining the competitive side of paintball, please join us on Sunday’s for practice or bring your team to one of our tournaments!


This field is laid out with two forts on either side of the field, scattered bunkers along either side of the field, and a few abandoned cars in the middle of the field. The layout is perfect for games like capture the flag, elimination, protect the president or anything else you can think of.

There are big games that are held once a month during the warmer times of the year. All ages are welcome for these games. Some limitations do apply such as mechanical markers only to some events. This means no electronic guns will be allowed. Along with the big games there is one scenario game and a relay for life event held. Each event typically has between 75 and 100 people! Contact us for more info!