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Conflict Vietnam Scenario Game


The battle of Khe Sanh began on January 21 1968, when forces of the Peoples Army of North Vietnam (PAVN) carried out a massive artillery bombardment on the U.S. Marine garrison at the Khe Sanh, located in the N.W. South Vietnam near the Laotian border. For the next 77 days , Marines and the South Vietnamese allies fought off an intense siege of the garrison, in one of the longest and bloodiest battles of the war. With their focus on Khe Sanh the U.S. and South Vietnamese had know idea the Viet Cong forces launched the Tet Offensive.

Payment will be $20 via PayPal (Payment address will be updated prior to event)

Free lunch Sunday


Relay For Life Event

The Relay For Life Big Game Even is May 21st

All games will be in the woods, feel free to check out the Colors Facebook page for pictures of past woods games. The past two years have been a blast.

The entry cost is $25 (includes lunch!)
For those who do not have their own gear, rental gear is FREE of charge. This includes everything you need to play. Paint is an additional $15 for 500 paintballs. 2000 paintballs can be purchased for $50 and shared among a small group.

For those with their own gear, we will be shooting MECHANICLE paintball markers only (e-hoppers are fine). No fast tournament markers. This has worked well in the past and forces the regular players to get creative and it also allows new players to have more fun.


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